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18 May 2009

A Network of Flu Friends

Flu friends are neighbours,
friends and relatives
who can help you

if you get ill.

For example, they
could collect medicines,
food and other supplies for you,
so that you don't
have to leave home

if you are ill.

(Some of the symptoms are
the sudden onset of
fever, cough or shortness of breath.)

From 'Important Information About Swine Flu' - a leaflet distributed nationally last week by the UK government - pages 7 and 9. Submitted by Gabriel Smy.


Kat(i)e said...

Wow, who doesn't want a "Flu Network"? Do you think we're allowed these sort of friends even if we don't get ill?

I'm really just commenting to say hello and thanks for changing the settings to include me in this extraordinarily cool blog :-)

I love it so so much. I'm going to evangelise about Verbatim everywhere I go (if I remember). See you around...

P.S. colour scheme = great choice