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27 June 2009

roads? where we're going we

roads? where we're going, we
don't need roads – game
over man, game over –
these go to eleven – i am serious,
and don't call me shirley –
i feel the need, the need for
speed – say hello to my little
friend – i'll have what she's
having – would you like me to
seduce you? is that what
you're trying to tell me? – get
busy livin' or get busy dyin' –
i'm not bad. i'm just drawn
that way – if the pirates of the
caribbean breaks down, the
pirates don't eat the tourists
– i'll be back – may the force
be with you – here's johnny!

Taken from an advert for Fopp in the Cambridge Arts Picture House programme 3 April – 28 May 2009. The line arrangement is unaltered; the dashes replace the little Fopp splat icon. Submitted by Gabriel Smy.


Gabriel said...

Why is this the least viewed poem on this site? It reminds me of ee cummings 'next to of course god america i'. Which is a good thing.