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08 July 2009


That's why I hit you today,
for the first time in my life.

Because you opened the letter,
because I wanted you to...
because of mother,
because she told you something she didn't tell me,
because I love you and you are not my daughter,
because everything could have been different,
because the past will never return...

Because of the times you caressed my back
when I cried
candy king

gingerbread page
marzipan princess.

Just watched Krzysztof Kieslowski's Dekalog, episode four. These are the English subtitles from a key scene towards the end (it's in Polish). Submitted by Gabriel Smy.


Lucie Shuker said...

But if something has been scripted to sound poetic, is it doing much more to put it into lines? Is the impact greater?

Gabriel said...

What's 'poetic'? It wasn't written as a poem. Now it is.

And aside from that, I was drawn to these words because the script was in Polish, and someone had to translate them into English, making all sorts of decisions about what to put in and leave out, how 'poetic' to make it, whether to go with literal meanings or paraphrases, whether to force every line into subtitles or let all the non-verbal signals do the talking.

As it happens, the subtitles are scant compared to the script. They are deliberately pared down. I read them and felt I was reading a poem. How much of the poetry needs to be mine to justify it being on this blog? 95% 50%? 5%?

In terms of impact, would you have read these words if they weren't published here?

Heather Scott said...

I really like it.