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02 September 2009

Up the Wall

Hey ... sending hugs!
Going to visit your mum
and friday ... fun at the farm.

Found fantastic bright red sofa
for lounge will be so much fun.
Kidz in paddlin pool today yes pool
it was lovely x Paula was

given fish by fisherman at loch ...
had it for their tea.
man want to give them fly fishin lessons!
joseph and Paul very keen

x love and hugs x you doin ok?

By Heather, from 5 August 2009. Facebook wall post from one friend to another. Original punctuation but with punctuation marks greatly reduced.


Gabriel said...

'Found fantastic bright red sofa/for lounge will be so much fun'.

The metre reminds me of those Victorian hardback moral tales for children (published by ladybird perhaps?) that had lines like 'Mother smacked their naughty bottoms/sending them upstairs to bed'.

Anyone else seen those?