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31 December 2009

The Storee of The Soc pupiTs


Along time ago
There livd a soc pupit
and he lovd chocolate.

But wen he open The cubud
There was no chocolate.

Sow The soc pupit went To The shops
But in The shops
They had rund out.

sow the Soc pupit went bac home
wiv no chocolate.

he lookt on the Top shelf
and he sor a chocolate Bar.

The End

I commissioned my 6-year-old to write and illustrate a story for my birthday. This is what he came up with. Can anyone spot his theme? Submitted by Gabriel Smy.


Nathan said...

Cool. Kind of chiastic. Could be sheer coincidence, could be he's a poet. He could be Martin to your Kingsley/lay/w'eva speling.