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09 February 2010

100 poems

Sex and dirty dishes by Marika is the 100th poem to be published on Verbatim.

Reaching 100 is a tiny milestone, but pleasing nevertheless. The blog is not quite a year old. Most gratifying of all, regardless of timescale, is the variety and quality of poetry sent in by friends and strangers.

Poems have been derived from ceilidh calls, Twitter, gravestones and fudge packets. They have been about murder, bras and emissions (warning – not the carbon kind). One even features a dead Pakistani. They have been submitted by commuters and academics, pinched from 6 year-olds or arrived secretly from anonymous members of the Parachute Regiment.

And for poetry pulled out of ordinary words, they have been remarkably, well, poetic. As well as the haiku and nonet, we have published a prose poem, plenty of free verse, and several verses that rhyme, albeit some hilariously contrived.

So thank you to everyone who has contributed, and to everyone who has enjoyed the poems so far and spread the word. I would love to publish another 100, so please continue to do exactly that: send in your poems from ordinary life, and tell at least one other person about the blog.

Noticing poetry in the ordinary words around us might seem like only a bit of fun. But I can't help thinking that the ability to call beauty out of the mundane is rather more significant than that.

Time will tell. For now let's enjoy another 100.