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24 February 2011

An anemone also

This is a whelk.
When it dies its shell lies
On the sea bed until......

A growing hermit crab
Takes up residence.

In his new home
The hermit does not
Feel the arrival of a ragworm,
Which crawls into the same shell.

Later, an anemone also
Settles on his shell.

So the ragworm, anemone and
The hermit, all live together
In an old whelk shell.

When the hermit feeds,
The ragworm takes his share
And the anemone clears up
What is left on the floor.

If attacked, the great claw
Provides an armour-plated door.

Taken from a display in an aquarium on the Cobb in Lyme Regis. Submitted by Nathan Lechler


Anonymous said...

In fairness, I should point out that the aquarium guy spelt "anemone" correctly, which is more than I did in my submission =o)

Nathan said...

D'oh, that was me, sorry!

Gabriel said...

And we completely missed that one. It's one of those words. Duly changed.