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31 March 2011


Fangfoss, Earswick, Legsby,
Nafferton, Catfoss, Laceby,
Rotsea, Fitling
Dringhoe, Gembling,
Foggathorpe, Monkdike, Duggleby.

A list of place names in the East Riding of Yorkshire. Submitted by Marika Rose.

29 March 2011

The summers of his youth

In Algiers, you don’t talk about ‘going swimming’
but ‘knocking off for a swim’.

I won’t insist.

People swim in the harbour
and then go rest on the buoys.

When you pass a buoy
where a pretty girl is sitting,

you shout to your friends,
‘I tell you it’s a seagull’.

These are healthy pleasures.
They certainly seem ideal to the young men.

A quote from Albert Camus found in this essay. Submitted by Rishi Dastidar.

24 March 2011

Vitriol and Opportunity

I would love to say we’ve got a great show for you tonight,
but I’m not sure that’s the case.
Old friends, no one wants to do this listening.
All too often we are here.
Stunned by a crazy that is rarer than we think,
how incredible, the packing of the deceased,
the pain of disturbing nature with a moment of graphic speak,
of toxic and absurdity.

Here we are again, violent.
Vitriol and opportunity on television,
in the way we talk to each other.
Exonerate from blame a reality that we cannot approach verbally.
Our capacity to be horrified by being truly sad.
The shattered lunacy of real dignity,
the sense of such situations.
Senselessness in being cut way too short.

Read up on being numb,
the dispiriting implications,
troubled enemies with families of pain.
Match the forever-paranoid with great rhetorics
of light and thank you.
Never worse than when the actions of madmen take forever.

Don’t you know the leading of thought
away from the tragedy of shame?
How much living and catharsis in predictable crazy.
Something incredibly stupid and silly
that we had previously lost.
Manifestos of anonymous goodness.
More often than not, people creating solace
for tomorrows they’ve never even met.
Wouldn’t it be nice to cause this hyperbole of feeling,
however fleeting?

Taken from the Jon Stewart show after the Tucson shootings, on the 20th January 2011. Submitted by Haley Patail.

22 March 2011


Most falseworks
are designed to support
but in practice
they are also subjected
to forces in the horizontal plane.

These result
from dynamic effects
as the rapid pouring
or vibrating of concrete,
from the movement of ten-
sioning cables,
from the wind, from differential
under heat or load,
and from many
other causes.

Some of these forces
can be estimated
but others can not,
and the fact
that they
are usually contained
is no proof
that they are not important.

They may be
particularly significant
in skew spans
where displacements in two
perpendicular directions
produce unexpected strains
in the third,
or in cases where
the design loads are applied
rather than simultaneously.

Taken from an article (that I have, without reason, kept for a very long time) on the Building Standard 449:1959 - The use of structural steel in building. Submitted by Kim Rooney.

17 March 2011

De Hors

Do not lean out
Do not punch the horse
No spaghetti
Night of the tinsel hen

A rather loose translation of a warning sign in a New Zealand train, February 2011. Submitted by Noah Slater.

15 March 2011

Unfurl unfold

I would shape myself into your pocket.
I will shake, sneak, shrink, slip
I was shapeless infant to your pocket.

I was shaking and I disappeared
I was thinking I would disappear
I would shrink and
I will sink and

I wish ink and I would disappear.

I will slip into the groove and cut me up.
And cut me off. You cut me off.

There's an empty space inside my heart
Where the weeds
Where the wings
And it won't take root
And there I'll
So now I'll
Tonight I've set you free.

Just to feel
Just to feed your fast ballooning head.

We would shrink and then
We will shake and we'll be quiet as mice.

Take the lotus flowers into my room.
The bird lights float
The bird that's flown
Put this flower
A bird has flown into my room.

Mm, moments float into my room.

'Cos all I want is the moon upon a stick.
A man upon a stake.

I dance around the pit; the darkness is beneath.
Dancing round the pain. The darkness is relief.

Radiohead released their latest album, King of Limbs, on 18 February 2011 via digital download with no printed lyrics. This poem is made up of the various, differing transcripts found on the Internet for the track Lotus Flower, deciphered from the audio or video track. Submitted by Gabriel Smy.

10 March 2011

Not in Our Name

There were mutterings that each day grew louder,
signs and portents that we refused to believe.
Local militia were organizing and drilling
getting ready to answer the call should it come.

Not that people thought that it would come.
They believed, as they hoped,
that something would be done to prevent war…….

As for those others who prophesied and prayed for it,
who wanted the vials of God's wrath uncorked,
they got what they wanted.
Their prayers were answered;
the land was drenched in blood.

But for the most of us
we did not.

Taken from 'A Virginia Girl in the Civil War, 1861-1865: Being a Record of the Actual Experiences of the Wife of a Confederate Officer', edited by Myrta Lockett Avary. Submitted by Juliet Wilson.

08 March 2011


read it


NO sisters and apsolutley NO brothers

Just sisters

Just for today

and me

A notice blu-tacked to the sitting room door by my son, aged seven, 24 February 2011. It was half term. Submitted by Amy.

03 March 2011

Long-lived and Manly

I woke up at 4am, before dawn.
You should be asleep. You’re all tired after
a sleepless night. I am like the Queen
of England. I am much bigger
than any rank, for those who are talking
about rank, I am a fighter. Your face
will melt off and your children will weep over
your exploded body. These resentments,
they are the rocket fuel that lives in the
tip of my saber. I have defeated
this earthworm with my words – imagine what
I would have done with my fire-breathing
fists. Life without dignity is worthless
Every great movement begins with one man.

Quotations from recent statements by Charlie Sheen and Muammar Gaddafi, taken from a Guardian quiz, 1 March 2011. Submitted by Marika Rose.

01 March 2011

I have a phobia

I have a phobia
of leaving my arm
out of a car window
when I'm driving.
I think it has something to do 

with playing the guitar 
and needing my arm.

Slash interviewed in the Guardian. Submitted by Gabriel Smy.