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26 February 2013

N wen u get ur kids took away

N wen u get ur kids took away from u
u have no mates no bloke family hate u n
keep u from urban kids so u take drugs I
rant allowed my toddlers till I've had two yrs of
therapy c.b.t. no point comin off drugs yet
is there n now social services problem
my mamy two and my dad have even stopped
contact I've seen them twice in six week
once was Xmas day the other
was for a photo shoot I got done with the
picture for my Xmas present so I had to
c them for the photo I'm not allowed normally
all I ever wanted was to be a mamy ex fucked it
n now I'm just in too Much pain everyday
I c the photo I cry I'm a mess everyone
hates me anyway the public would
Deffo be glad meby ten people would
go to my funeral the rest of the town
would be glad coz I have done
lots of bad stuff but I'm 29 now
Give me a chance for god's sake

Comment from an online suicide blog. Submitted by Grace Andreacchi.


Anonymous said...

This is in very poor taste. Shame on the person who submitted it. Shame on verbatim poetry for accepting it.

Judi Sutherland said...

Have the courage to say who you are when you criticise. I actually think this is poignant social comment.

Taidgh Lynch said...

I do not see the shame. I think it is well worth the read.