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29 November 2012


I don't mind snakes
but sometimes
they've been quite

you know: snakes
going up legs
and snakes everywhere
warm on your skin

lots of snakes
like giant white albino pythons
I don't mind them
so it's all right

I don't mind them
I quite like them
but yeah
if you didn't I mean

Taken from an interview with Kate Moss in The Times, 26th January 2012. The interviewer's questions and some punctuation removed. Submitted by Thom.

22 November 2012

A relationship with the vernacular

Let us also recognize
our own native
detachable snake-hips,
our rangy legs,

our educated feet.
Our arms and fingers
wave and snap
in a special way.
Our shoulders hang
as no other people’s
shoulders hang.

Taken from 'Musical Myths of the American West', by Stephen Brown, a review of two books in the Times Literary Supplement, 9 November 2012. The poem is a quotation from the writings of Lincoln Kirstein. Submitted by Rishi Dastidar.

20 November 2012

Game over

Even our ideas
are most certainly not our own

We have read everything
or have heard it

We’ve got nothing
except each other

And we hate each other

From a discussion of the political divide on Submitted by Wesley Brown.

15 November 2012


painters don't
know they are.

Ed Ruscha.
Not Robert Indiana.

just don't
know. But they

It's good
they don't know.

be impoverished
by their art

they knew.

Taken from a blogpost on the blog dbqp, 12th November 2012. "They'd" has been contracted from "They would". Submitted by Andrew Bailey.

13 November 2012

Guitar practice

Wait until the moon is out
then go outside
eat a multi-grained bread
and play your guitar to a bush.
If the bush doesn't shake
eat another piece of bread.

From Captain Beefheart's 10 Commandments of Guitar Playing. Submitted by Grace Andreacchi.

08 November 2012

On Feet

Slippers are designed
to be slipped into
without help from the hand.
They are monuments to
the hatred of bending down.

A quotation from Theodor W. Adorno's Minima Moralia: Reflections on Damaged Life, first published in 1951. Submitted by Marika Rose.

06 November 2012

This much I know

I remember running
across the sand at Seaforth beach
when I was three
chasing a red bouncing ball
and hearing my aunt scream
before picking me up
her stepping between silver studs
in the sand

I'd run into a minefield
There was no red ball
It was the family dog
that I had chased
It had been blown up

From Roger McGough: this much I know in The Observer magazine, 3 November 2012. Two 'and's omitted and punctuation left out. Submitted by Lisa Oliver.

01 November 2012

Top Floor, Duke William

An upstairs room
with red and gold chairs,
military pictures,
a dumb waiter.
A corner bar
with interesting lights-
An intriguing locked cabinet.
And below,
a framed photograph
of the queen.

Taken from an update email sent to a poetry group after a meeting on 21st October in the Duke of William pub, Matlock. 'And' has been added to line 8. Submitted by Margaret.