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04 June 2009


Please take care of the
University’s books and
books are expensive;
handle them with care.

Protect them at all times
from the elements
and from ink, food
drink and other potential
sources of damage.

Photocopying can damage
books seriously if not
carried out carefully.

Please point out to the
Library staff any necessary
repair work you may notice.

Information on the back of a book reservation slip, Cambridge University Library, 15 May 2009. Even the line arrangements are original. Submitted by Marika Rose.


sojourner said...

Hello! Just popped in from RAP over at HighCallingBlogs. These words made me think - "Yes these are good to remember for taking care of University Books!" Then I thought, "But, my University Books are really messed up with marks, highlights, notes in the margins, dogged eared pages, and even food and coffee stains. Does that mean I did not take care of them and have left them in sad repair?" Then I thought, "No, it just means they went through the learning process with me and have become badges of courage and process upon my book shelf!" Such is life and the volumes God writes upon our souls. Thank you for this metaphor and the round about way I took while finding truth for this Sunday morning :0)