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26 November 2009


Couple number one, have a little swing,
keep swinging ...
Say hello to couple number two
and hello to couple number three,
then everyone has a little swing.

Pass by your partner
dance with the person you meet
come back together
and have a little swing.

Bec says 'I was at a ceilidh on Saturday and the caller was always looking into the middle distance as he gave us directions.'

24 November 2009

Sixteen Degrees

Most agents report
to a district group manager who reports
to a branch chief who reports
to an assistant chief of their division who reports
to the assistant district director who reports
to the assistant regional commissioner who reports
to the regional commissioner who reports
to the chief of staff to a deputy assistant commissioner in Washington who reports
to the deputy assistant commissioner who reports
to the assistant commissioner who reports
to the chief operating officer who reports
to the deputy commissioner of the IRS who reports
to the commissioner who reports
to the Deputy Secretary of the Treasury who reports
to the Secretary who finally reports
to the President.

According to Futility Closet, this is the testimony of public policy director Paul C. Light before the Senate Finance Committee 11 February 1998. He was describing the supervision hierarchy of the IRS. Submitted by Gabriel Smy.

20 November 2009

My Sweater Guard

around shoulders
guard holds securely.
Cannot slip off.

From Gertie's New Blog for Better Sewing. Submitted by Marika Rose.

18 November 2009

thetford girls

dimonds are pretty. so are pearls
you aint got nothing on us thetford girls
thetford born thetford bred
phit as fuck and wicked in bed

best things ever is being with shannon
yehh boyy in shitt school but living it up
in DT wiht my best matee shannon

yehh yehh

yeh boy me, mel, lewis living it larg
in RMHS science. its shit
we doing a fucking text but hay
we with all r mates so its okaii
my lil shannon mate love her so much
taylor mate ya phitt ass babe ;)

abbey farm woo
fair wen its down
the good thetford crew
and me mates

Shannon Nn Danielle Ere In Dt 09 What A Shit Day x

i love my baby nephew Harley Clark Goldson
and i love my sisterr .. and her tatoo :D lol xx
thetford is allright but some times people
just make it really bad such as the parks
but castle park has been allright xx

melissa and sasha love aaron kameana
4eva coz he is 1 fit guy!
melissa and sasha love aaron kameana
4eva coz he is 1 fit guy!
melissa and sasha love aaron kameana
4eva coz he is 1 fit guy!

Thanks to the Portuguese, Thetford town center
now has, for the first time in many years,
women who look good in tight jeans.

These are simply public submissions to the web page The Best Things About Thetford, Norfolk on the Knowhere Guide. Extracted 16 November 2009. Submitted by Gabriel Smy.

16 November 2009

Poems from the Menu Bar #2-#4


Get info,
batch change,
rotate clockwise
rotate counter clockwise.
My rating
move to trash.
Revert to original.


View as list,
as grid, as cover flow.
View options,
show column browser, show
artwork column,
show genius sidebar. Go
to current song.
Video size visualizer, show

visualizer full screen.
Switch to mini player.

iMovie HD/Markers

Add book, Mark.
Delete book, Mark, delete all.
Book Mark's previous book, Mark.
Next, book Mark, add chapter.
Mark, er, delete chapter.
Mark, er, show pod.
Cast U R L S.

More poems from the menu bars of software applications on my Mac (after #1 and before #5). The first is arranged identically to the menu, the second has alternative breaks, while the third breaks up words and punctuates liberally. Submitted by Gabriel Smy.

09 November 2009

The Little Red Ship


The Litt Red Ship went to town.
Some shopping The Little Red Ship.
Bid some eggs, shoes, Bred and.
Some cookies and The Little Red Ship.
Bid a Blangcit and The Little Red.
Ship had los fo Fun gud I.
hav Evreey Thing I need but The Little.
Red Ship Forgot To Biy some tishoe.
Soow The Little Red Ship went back To The.
Shop and Brot some tishoe and went.
back To his house.

Last Sunday I returned from a weekend away to find a pile of stories written by my 6-year-old. This was one of them, reproduced above exactly as it appeared on the page. Submitted by Gabriel Smy.

05 November 2009

The System Eats You

Don't know if it's appropriate we go
swimming; you go – where I get inspiration.
I noticed your interest, your picture, few
years ago, used to draw attention.

please please

We haven't talked a while: share your life goals –
table is here, stop the discrimination.
Party arrangements too wild for you? The
system eats you. Fantastic demonstration.

please pay attention
please be with us

Another poem from the subject lines of recent junk email messages in my spam folder (read the first one). I simply take the whole subject lines and put them together with a little additional punctuation. Submitted by Gabriel Smy.

02 November 2009


Magnus only had to face one
other person for the rule over Norway
– Hakon.

Olaf had the Trondelag
and Hakon had the south
and they ruled uneasily, together.

Ordericus was a bit confused and stupid.

Bec sent this poem from her own notes on Norwegian Kings, 20 October 2009.