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30 December 2013

What I'm drinking

Last month, I was invigorated
by an 11 a.m. restorative Vieux Carre
at the Courosel Bar
in New Orleans.
Fill a shaker with ice and add
a dash each of Benedictine,
Peychaud's and Angostura bitters
and a shot each of rye whiskey,
cognac and Punt e Mes. Shake,
then strain into a glass
filled with fresh ice and garnish
with an Amarena cherry --
then let the late-morning voodoo
do its work.

Taken from an interview with Mario Batali in The New York Times Magazine, December 1, 2013. Submitted by J. R. Solonche.

18 December 2013


Yes1 [BKSP][BKSP]!Oahu. What all are you doing here?
[ENTER][BKSP] At that point I will be[BKSP] We sho
SP][BKSP][BKSP]I am there from the 24th to the 26th.
SP][BKSP][BKSP][BKSP][BKSP]When you’re there tho
ugh I’ll have a very flexible schedule, as my brother wil[B
KSP][BKSP][BKSP]and mom will leave for t[BKSP] Tex
as and my daed[BKSP][BKSP]d will be at work all day.[
I’d also like to[BKSP][BKSP][BKSP][BKSP][BKSP][BK
]don’t think I have anything[BKSP][BKSP][BKSP][BKS
SP][BKSP]I will be happy to have goo[BKSP][BKSP][B
SP]snot family time doesn’t ta[BKSP]Staying too long wi
th my family typically make m[BKSP][BKSP]s me want
to hang our[BKSP][BKSP]t with friend, s[BKSP][BKSP]
so I’ve[BKSP][BKSP][BKSP]m excited to[BKSP][BKSP
KSP]d be very happy to[BKSP][BKSP][BKSP][BKSP][
SP][BKSP]enjoy ha ng [BKSP]ing out with someone not
related ot[BKSP][BKSP]to me.

What happens when you accidentally leave a keylogger tracking your keystrokes while you compose a Facebook message. March 2012. Submitted by Jacob Dodson.

16 December 2013

In no great hurry

In order to build
a career
and be

one has to be
One has to be

A window
with raindrops

interests me

Seeing is
a neglected

Taken from the New York Times article, Saul Leiter, Photographer Who Captured New York’s Palette, Dies at 89, The New York Times, 27th November 2013. Submitted by Howie Good.

11 December 2013

Melody pitfalls

I KNOW – I Can Write a Hit
I – KNOW – I Can Write a Hit
I Know I CAN – Write a Hit
I Know I Can WRITE a Hit
I Know I Can WRITE a HIT

Straight from The Top 5 Melody Pitfalls—and How to Avoid Them, BMI, 25 November 2013. Submitted by Mark Dzula.

09 December 2013


Traumatic images,
queer looks,
dangerous texts.

African slave trade: introduction to proof.

Environmental disasters,
face of the land:
terrorism, intelligence and war--

Games and simulations,
advanced taxation,
cyberinfrastructure (the language of medicine)

Shakespeare the dramatist
(art of dying)
Stalin, Mussolini, and Hitler.

discrete mathematics: prostitution and vice
major issues in criminal justice.

American deaf history,
human centered requirements,
special populations -- thinking about making

power and influence,
options and futures,

sounds of protest,
vibrations and waves:

introduction to intelligent systems.

Course titles from the course catalog of Rochester Institute of Technology. Submitted by Rebecca Charry Roje.

06 December 2013

Taxi driver

I like
to imagine myself
as the lion of the road,
the streets
for prey.

In the pecking order,
taxi drivers
rank pretty

are like chickens,
are the monkeys

and buses
are wildebeests,
grinding along
in packs.

From What I'm really thinking: the taxi driver, Guardian Weekend, 16 November 2013. Submitted by Ailsa Holland.

04 December 2013


Extremely elderly Benedictine monk
Irrational predilection for performing surgery
Of, like or pertaining to lava
One who habitually enters many competitions

Local judge among miners
Provisional name for a plant whose flowers are unknown
Expression of joy among Arab women
Muscle by which the testicles are suspended

Government by superior firepower or by cannons
Part of a bullfighting arena where the bull makes his stand
Ancient syrupy medicine that is licked off a spoon
Doctrine that the wicked are utterly destroyed after death

Some definitions from The Phrontistery, a free online dictionary of obscure words. Submitted by Howie Good.

02 December 2013

Praise Yeezus.

And it works.

It works because it's beautiful
You either like it or you don't
There’s no reason why it's beautiful.

Either it moves you too,
Or it doesn't,
And that's that.

It's all the same shit,
It’s all music —
If you like sound, listen.

Taken from a review by Lou Reed of Kanye West's album, "Yeezus", published by The Talkhouse on July, 2 2013. Submitted by Charles Githua.