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28 February 2013

Dancing on the Edge

His characters
Come on
And make small
Then compose their faces,
Into expressions
Of meaningful
Have you seen my glove?
Your glove? glove.
This glove?
The other glove.
Another glove?
Yes....have you
Seen it?
By an expression
Of Fleeting

Taken from a TV review by A A Gill in the Sunday Times, 10th February 2013. Submitted by HWB.

26 February 2013

N wen u get ur kids took away

N wen u get ur kids took away from u
u have no mates no bloke family hate u n
keep u from urban kids so u take drugs I
rant allowed my toddlers till I've had two yrs of
therapy c.b.t. no point comin off drugs yet
is there n now social services problem
my mamy two and my dad have even stopped
contact I've seen them twice in six week
once was Xmas day the other
was for a photo shoot I got done with the
picture for my Xmas present so I had to
c them for the photo I'm not allowed normally
all I ever wanted was to be a mamy ex fucked it
n now I'm just in too Much pain everyday
I c the photo I cry I'm a mess everyone
hates me anyway the public would
Deffo be glad meby ten people would
go to my funeral the rest of the town
would be glad coz I have done
lots of bad stuff but I'm 29 now
Give me a chance for god's sake

Comment from an online suicide blog. Submitted by Grace Andreacchi.

23 February 2013

London Scarves

I began to notice scarves.
Chaps with scarves

There's the bohemian scarf
worn by elegant chaps
in the environs around Buckingham Palace
and among thespians,
a rather loose-tied scarf
loping down from the neck,
showing an elegant

There's the university flick,
which has one leg dangling
down the front
and a single wind
around the throat
and the other leg dangling
down the back - a little bit
Dr Who
and a little bit juvenile lead.

There's the good boy scarf,
neatly folded in front
and tucked in tight to protect
the throat and the chest,
no doubt with a Vicks rub

There's the scarf which is wound
round and round
the throat, the throttling scarf,
or I don't care if anybody knows
I'm wearing a scarf but I really need to
keep warm

Then there's that funny Italian double loop
which arrived a couple of years ago,
where you shove both ends
through the loop
and bring it round your throat
and flash it off
in rather an unnecessarily
vain way,
although, it has to be confessed
(I'm afraid I've tried it once or twice),
is very warm.

From the BBC Radio 4 In Our Time newsletter from Melvyn Bragg, emailed 31 January 2013. Submitted by Lesley Ingram.

21 February 2013

Handling Queens

the queen is the main-
spring of the hive.

She is a very delicate
piece of mechanism.

(It is very risky
to bend
her or to

Some folk seem to think
queen bees are like
and nettles and ferrets--
to be grasped with a heavy hand.

A queen is as fragile
as a wren's egg.

From H. J. Wadey, The Bee Craftsman: A short guide to the life-story and management of the honey bee (A. G. Smith, 1947), p 47. Some punctuation has been changed. Submitted by Rebecca Resinski.

19 February 2013

Set upon the étagère

Aftercare, agate ware
air-to-air, antiair
anywhere, arctic hare
Asian pear, bayadere
bêche-de-mer, Belgian hare
billionaire, boutonniere
bring to bear, camel hair
Camembert, captain's chair.

Chinaware, compressed air
county fair, crackleware
Croix de Guerre, debonair
de la Mare, derriere
disrepair, doctrinaire
earthenware, easy chair
en plein air, everywhere
fighting chair, flying mare.

Fourragère, Frigidaire
germ warfare, get somewhere
graniteware, grizzly bear
here and there, hide or hair
hollowware, ice-cream chair
in one's hair, in the air
ironware, jasperware
kitchenware, La Bruyère.

Lacquerware, laissez-faire
Latin square, legionnaire
lion's share, Little Bear
love affair, luminaire
lusterware, magic square
mal de mer, managed care
market share, Medicare
metalware, millionaire.

Minaudière, miter square
Mon-Khmer, morris chair
Mousquetaire, nom de guerre
on the square, open-air
otherwhere, outerwear
overbear, overwear
perfect square, plasticware
polar bear, potty-chair.

Porte cochere, prickly pear
questionnaire, rivière
Robespierre, rocking chair
savoir faire, science fair
self-aware, self-despair
silverware, slipper chair
snowshoe hare, solar flare.

Solitaire, swivel chair
tear one's hair, then and there
thoroughfare, trench warfare
unaware, underwear
vaporware, vivandière
wash-and-wear, water bear
wear and tear, willowware
woodenware, world premiere
yellowware, zillionaire.

From a list of words that rhyme with étagère on the Merriam Webster online dictionary, 31 January 2013. Submitted by Steph Dempsey.

16 February 2013

The Shooter

"We do this every night.
We go to a house,
we fuck with some people,
and we leave."

He’s got a gun within reach.
He’s a threat ... in that second
I shot him, two times in the forehead.

Bap! Bap!

The second time as he’s going down.
He crumpled to the floor in front of his bed
and I hit him again.


Same place ... he was dead. Not moving.
His tongue was out. I watched him take
his last breaths, just a reflex.

And I remember as I watched him
breathe out the last part of air, I thought:
is this the best thing I’ve ever done, or the worst?

From 'I killed him': US Navy Seal who fired the shot that killed Osama bin Laden breaks his silence, The Independent, 11 February 2013. The words come from the former Navy Seal, with 'on' (line 6) and 'breath' (11) removed. Submitted by Gabriel Smy.

14 February 2013

Counting on Him

He's thirty-three, for Chrissake,
thirty three. Thirty fucking three.
Three, three. This year
he turns thirty-four.
And he's still expecting me
to sort his life out. What have I done
to get to deal with all his shit?
Some times he forgets
I'm still twenty-one.

Overheard outside the Southbank Centre, London, at about 3pm on February 2nd 2013. Submitted by Judi Sutherland.

12 February 2013

Last Act

They came to stay
For days and days
To support me, be with me
At this sad time.

Drove me to the store
Then waited outside
At a respectful distance
From the cash register

They went to the cinema
Made me a sandwich
Giving me space
To be alone

They want to be sure
Everything is organised
To take some of the strain
Like finding the Will.

I have it.
I`m in it.
They`re not.

A conversation with an elderly bereaved relative, 18 January 2013. Submitted by Yanto Cramer.

09 February 2013

What it sounds like to be without windows

Sabayon Haiku
Bodhi Saluki Fusion
Dragonfly Hybryde

Peppermint Chakra
Absolute Vine Vyatta
Cinnamon Zenwalk

Ultimate Pinguy
Arios Porteus Fedora
Damn Small Manjaro

Quirky Aurora
YellowDog Deepin Redo
Puppy Tails Antix

Elementary Kwort
Calculate Zorin Vector
Backtrack Mandriva

From a list of the most popular free software offerings (mostly operating systems) that provide alternatives to Microsoft Windows. Submitted by Geoff Blanchard.

07 February 2013

The intensive care ward

of a neurological hospital has an eerie calm
Patients are lined up on beds
in neat rows
Most of them hooked
to life-support machines
All of them still
All of them silent
The only sound is that of electronic beeping
and the whisperings of medical staff
It’s bleaker than a Thomas Hardy landscape

From A sudden stroke - and then Mum was gone, The Guardian, 26th January 2013. Punctuation removed. Submitted by Lisa Oliver.

05 February 2013


Extra cold.

Extra cold.

Super chilled.

John Smith's
Extra cold.

Standing at the bar in front of the beer pumps has a certain solemnity. Submitted by Steve Clement-Large.

02 February 2013

Sorry to hear about Bubbles

Charlotte commented on your photo
hope you’re ok?
r u not by a computer?
I know you must be feeling bloody sad
u r doin the rite thing 4 her
not to let her suffer
I will try and cheer u up
when i next pass that way
you gave her a lovely life
huggs will comfort u thru the night
her body will slip away quietly
plz stay warm in your water bourne nest
happens to us all
goodnight x x x
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Taken from the last 22 messages in my phone's inbox. Original spelling, case and punctuation preserved. Submitted by Winston Plowes.